(Denver) – Representative Claire Levy (D-Boulder) was appointed to the
Lower North Fork Wildfire Commission on Wednesday by House Democratic Leader Mark Ferrandino (D-Denver).

The Lower North Fork Wildfire Commission is tasked with examining the causes of the disaster and advising legislative or other action that would prevent a similar occurrence.  The commission will also hold a public hearing to take testimony and accept reports on the impacts and causes of the fire.

“I am honored to be asked to serve on the Lower North Fork Wildfire Commission,” Rep. Levy said. “The state has a commitment to enhance disaster response and ensure the victims of the Lower North Fork fire are treated fairly while maintaining our responsibility to sound fiscal management. I’m eager to begin working with the commission.”

Estimated damages resulting from the Lower North Fork Wildfire include three fatalities and $11.3 million in property damage, with 23 residences destroyed or significantly damaged.

The commission has its first meeting before Sunday, July 1, and will complete their work before the next legislative session in January.

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