Speaker Ferrandino: Keep Colorado’s Recovery on Track

September 30, 2013

(Sept. 30) – Ahead of the impending government shutdown due to Congressional gridlock, Speaker Mark Ferrandino released the following statement: “I am disappointed and saddened that we are once again at the brink of an entirely avoidable government shutdown due to political gamesmanship in Congress. House Republicans are holding our economy hostage in an effort

Members of State LGBT Caucus Respond to Lambert

September 26, 2013

(Sept. 26) – Members of the Colorado LGBT Caucus blasted Sen. Kent Lambert today for his remarks on an internet show accusing Democrats of using “mind control” to influence voters to support equal rights for gays and lesbians. The Republican state senator came under fire after an interview with the internet show “Pray In Jesus

Addressing Inequality

September 21, 2013

(Sept. 21) – Rep. Angela Williams and other members of the Black Democratic Legislative Caucus said today that they were considering legislation intended to reverse a trend toward greater economic disparity between white Coloradans and Coloradans of color. Speaking to an audience of about 300 at the “Losing Ground Summit,” a community meeting at Manual

State’s Economic Growth Slow But Steady

September 20, 2013

(Sept. 20) – The state’s leading economists told the legislative Joint Budget Committee today that Colorado’s economic rebound was continuing at a “modest” or “moderate” pace. Natalie Mullis, the legislature’s chief economist, estimated that state revenues, which are tied to the overall health of Colorado’s economy, would rise by $210 million from June’s quarterly estimate.