Rep. Kraft-Tharp Receives Award for Outstanding Achievement in State Tax Reform

October 30, 2018

Kraft-Tharp Chairs Sales and Use Tax Simplification Task Force (Oct. 30) – Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp received an Outstanding Achievement in State Tax Reform Award from the Tax Foundation today. Recipients include three governors, eight other state legislators, nine members of the District of Columbia Council, and a county commissioner, with recipients representing both major political

Legislative Workplace Interim Study Committee Issues Recommendations

October 19, 2018

Executive Committee to Review Recommendations at a Later Date (Oct. 19) – The Legislative Workplace Interim Study Committee held its final hearing on October 11th and approved a set of recommendations outlining a new process for handling workplace harassment complaints and improving workplace culture at the Capitol. The hearing focused on reviewing the recommendations the

Republicans Kill Bills to Help Rural Colorado

October 15, 2018

GOP Injects Partisanship Into Interim Committee Process  (Oct. 15) – Today, Republican members of the Legislative Council Committee struck down multiple bills that would have helped rural Colorado, taking an unexpectedly partisan turn in a process that is usually relatively routine. The bills put forth by the interim committees were the result of months of