JOINT RELEASE: JBC Dems Weigh in on New Revenue Forecast

December 20, 2018

(Dec. 20) – Colorado’s leading government economists stated today that economic activity remains strong in the near term and but warned of possible slower growth beginning next year due to actions at the federal level, constraints stemming from low unemployment and a slowdown in housing price growth. Providing their quarterly updates of economic activity and

First Year Dems Elect Alex Valdez as Rep. to Leadership

December 18, 2018

(Dec. 18) – House Democrats will assemble on Jan. 4 with 41 members in their ranks. Today, the first term House Democrats elected Rep.-elect Alex Valdez, D-Denver to serve as the First-Year Representative to Leadership, which will serve as a liaison from the first-term members of the caucus to the rest of the caucus leadership