House OKs Bridges Bill Cracking Down on Data Breaches

April 20, 2018

(April 19) – Rep. Jeff Bridges’ bill to protect Coloradans’ private data from abuse in events like the massive Equifax data breach won voice-vote approval in the House tonight. HB18-1128, sponsored by Rep. Bridges, D-Greenwood Village, and Cole Wist, R-Centennial, tightens standards for companies and holds them accountable for data breaches. “The massive data breach

House Protects Net Neutrality

April 17, 2018

(April 17) – The House passed legislation today to ensure that an open and free internet is protected in Colorado. HB18-1312, sponsored by Reps. Chris Hansen, D-Denver, and Leslie Herod, D-Denver, to protect net neutrality and safeguard taxpayer money, passed on a 35-28 vote. Last year, the Trump administration rolled back Obama-era rules ensuring a

Shining a Light on Runaway Prescription Costs

April 12, 2018

(April 12) – Reps. Joann Ginal and Dominique Jackson won voice-vote House approval today for their bill to add some transparency around skyrocketing prices for pharmaceutical drugs. Under HB18-1260, pharmaceuticals companies would be required to provide 90 days’ notice to the public when they increase the price of a drug by 10 percent over two

House Passes Buckner Bill to Cut High Rx Costs

April 5, 2018

(April 5) – The Drug Costs Savings Act, Rep. Janet Buckner’s bill to increase cost transparency around prescription drugs, passed the House today with strong bipartisan support. HB18-1284, part of the House Democrats’ agenda to control health care costs and protect consumers, allows a pharmacist to disclose a customer’s share of the cost of a

Esgar Advances Bill Putting Guardrails on PUC

April 5, 2018

(April 4) – Rep. Daneya Esgar’s bill to reform the Colorado Public Utilities Commission passed its first legislative test today. Rep. Esgar’s bill, HB18-1281, slams the revolving door that allows PUC members to have recently served in a senior position with one of the utilities the PUC regulates, and it prohibits PUC members from having

House Dems Push for Fairness & Transparency in Arbitration

March 23, 2018

(March 23) – The House passed two bills today to protect Colorado consumers and ensure fairness and transparency in arbitration.  HB18-1262, the Arbitration Transparency Act sponsored by Reps. Dominique Jackson, D-Aurora, and Dylan Roberts, D-Eagle creates basic transparency and record keeping requirements for arbitration service providers, so that the public may see an arbitrator’s list

Protection for Consumers, Fairness for Employees

March 16, 2018

(March 15) – Two key components of the House Democrats’ consumer protection and fairness agenda advanced through the House Judiciary Committee today. Hidden in the fine print on just about everything a Coloradan agrees to, including employment contracts and many purchases, are clauses requiring that any disputes between the parties be submitted to binding arbitration,