JBC Reaffirms Commitment to Corrections Reform

June 20, 2018

(June 20) – Today, members of the Joint Budget Committee reaffirmed the work from the 2018 legislative session on pushing for meaningful reforms in Colorado’s corrections system to address prison population and capacity needs.   The Joint Budget Committee (JBC) met today to hear the quarterly revenue forecast and to consider interim supplemental requests, including

Weissman Bill Helping Rehab of Ex-Offenders Advances

April 12, 2018

(April 12) – Rep. Mike Weissman’s bill to help ex-offenders make a successful transition to life on the outside won unanimous House Judiciary Committee approval today. A judge can issue what are called orders of collateral relief — exempting individuals from penalties other than incarceration, such as being denied a state-issued license to practice a

Jackson Bill Closes Loopholes in Revenge Porn Law

April 3, 2018

(April 3) – The House gave unanimous support today to Rep. Dominique Jackson’s bill to remove loopholes from Colorado’s revenge porn law. HB18-1264, sponsored by Reps. Jackson, D-Aurora, and Terri Carver, R-Colorado Springs, closes significant loopholes in the original 2014 revenge porn law that leave victims vulnerable. For example, current law does not protect a

Foote’s Expansion of Rape Shield Law Passes House

March 26, 2018

(March 26) – The House gave strongly bipartisan approval today to Rep. Mike Foote’s bill to expand protections for sexual assault victims. Victims of sexual assault should not be made to feel attacked a second time in our courts. HB18-1243, sponsored by Rep. Foote, D-Lafayette, with Rep. Cole Wist, R-Centennial, would ensure that defendants in

Civil Rights Division Wins Strong Bipartisan Support

February 21, 2018

(Feb. 20) — The House Judiciary Committee voted 10-1 today to introduce a bill reauthorizing the Colorado Civil Rights Division & Commission, in a strong bipartisan recognition of the important role the agency plays in protecting Coloradans against discrimination. After a number of Republican amendments to weaken the CCRD were defeated by the Democratic majority

Weissman’s Parole Reform Bill Passes First Committee

January 25, 2018

(Jan. 25) – Rep. Mike Weissman’s bill to make evidence-based changes in the state’s standards for parolees won the House Judiciary Committee’s support today. Updating Colorado’s parole standards for the first time in 25 years, HB18-1029 would set the mandatory length of parole for Class 2 and Class 3 felonies at three years instead of

Sentencing Reform Package Moves Forward

November 3, 2017

(Nov. 3) – A bipartisan panel reached agreement today on a package of bills to modernize criminal justice sentencing in Colorado by increasing judicial discretion and adopting data-driven policies. After hearing from more than 60 witnesses spanning the political spectrum, the Sentencing in the Criminal Justice System Interim Study Committee voted today to move forward

3 Salazar Justice & Behavioral Health Bills Taking Effect

August 8, 2017

(Aug. 8) — Three new laws sponsored by Rep. Joe Salazar to reform our state’s behavioral health and criminal justice systems take effect on Wednesday. SB17-207 enacts key reforms to our behavioral health system, ending the use of jails to hold people experiencing mental health emergencies and providing increased funding for crisis response and treatment

Herod’s Asset Forfeiture Reform Taking Effect

August 8, 2017

(Aug. 8) – Rep. Leslie Herod’s reform of Colorado asset forfeiture, the process where law enforcement seizes an individual’s property if they believe it may be connected to a crime, goes into effect on Wednesday. “Four legislators from across the political spectrum came together to bring this bill forward because we believe we must safeguard

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