Duran & Becker’s Statement on Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

July 10, 2018

(July 9) – Speaker Crisanta Duran and Majority Leader KC Becker released the following statement regarding President Trump’s nominee to the United States Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. “The fate of civil and voting rights, reproductive freedoms and worker protections all hang in the balance with this Supreme Court nominee,” said Speaker Duran, D-Denver. “There’s

Equal Pay Bills Take Next Steps

April 24, 2018

(April 23) – The House Finance Committee approved two bills today to help close the wage gap in Colorado. Currently, the gender wage gap is projected to not close until 2057 in Colorado and 2059 nationally. “Women are the sole breadwinners in seventy-five percent of hardworking families in Colorado,” Rep. Buckner said. “We are fighting for

Fight to Save Civil Rights Division Continues

March 14, 2018

(March 13) – The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill today led by Speaker Crisanta Duran and Rep. Leslie Herod to save the Colorado Civil Rights Division and Commission. Today’s action takes place against the backdrop of a Republican effort to defund the CCRD through the budget-making process. Currently the CCRD will run out of

Esgar’s Birth Certificate Modernization Act Passes the House

February 27, 2018

(Feb 27) – The House passed Rep. Daneya Esgar’s Birth Certificate Modernization Act on a bipartisan vote of 37-27 today. This legislation would make the process less strenuous for transgender Coloradans trying to update the gender on their birth certificate. “Not having an updated birth certificate interferes with the ability of transgender Coloradans to live

Civil Rights Division Wins Strong Bipartisan Support

February 21, 2018

(Feb. 20) — The House Judiciary Committee voted 10-1 today to introduce a bill reauthorizing the Colorado Civil Rights Division & Commission, in a strong bipartisan recognition of the important role the agency plays in protecting Coloradans against discrimination. After a number of Republican amendments to weaken the CCRD were defeated by the Democratic majority

GOP Blocks Funding for CO Civil Rights Division

February 8, 2018

(Feb. 8) – Republicans on the legislative Joint Budget Committee blocked funding this afternoon to the Colorado Civil Rights Division, which investigates claims of discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation and other factors. “The GOP JBC members are undermining key protections for Coloradans against discrimination,” said Speaker

Equal Pay Day Resolution Passes House

April 4, 2017

  (April 4) – This morning, the House passed a resolution, sponsored by Reps. Jessie Danielson and Dominique Jackson, recognizing Equal Pay Day, the day in the calendar that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn the total wages men earned in the previous year. “In the United States, mothers are

‘We Are a Nation of Many’

March 22, 2017

(March 22) – In the first real floor fight of the session, the Ralph Carr Freedom Defense Act by Reps. Joe Salazar and Daneya Esgar earned initial approval from the House on second reading this morning. The bill protects Colorado state agencies from being forced to participate in overreaching federal programs targeting religious or ethnic

Colorado Freedom Defense Act

March 17, 2017

(March 16) – The Ralph Carr Freedom Defense Act by Reps. Joe Salazar and Daneya Esgar earned approval from the House Judiciary Committee this evening with a 7-4 vote. The bill protects Coloradans against federal overreach targeting various Colorado communities and ensures the state never has a repeat of its tragic history regarding Japanese internment

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