2016 Legislative Report

In this very tight budget year, the legislature passed a budget that avoided the major cuts originally proposed after the November forecast.

What this year’s budget accomplished:

  • Increased per-pupil average spending for K-12 schools by $112 to $7,425
  • Averted a possible $20 million cut to higher education
  • Set transfers to the state’s highway fund at $150 million
  • Maintained the statutory 6.5 percent budget reserve
  • Averted cuts to payment rates for medical providers

But Colorado has strict budgetary constraints, so there were some dark spots:

  • Flat funding for higher education, which likely means tuition will rise
  • Cut funding for hospitals – $73 million for the hospital provider fee, which turns in to a much bigger loss because of lost matching federal funds
  • Kept the negative factor flat when we should be decreasing it and supporting our K-12 schools
  • Cut transportation funding for next year by $50 million

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2016 Opening Day Speech

Speaker of the House Dickey Lee Hullinghorst
January 13, 2016

Members, guests and fellow Coloradans: Welcome to the second regular session of the House of Representatives in the 70th General Assembly.

Our counterparts in the 10th General Assembly, back in 1895, were the first to meet in this chamber. Contrary to rumors, I was not around to witness that event. But I can say with confidence that our surroundings are as magnificent as when this building was brand new.

A three-year restoration of the House chamber is now complete. Over the summer, the last of those hideous acoustical tiles from the 1950s was removed from the ceiling and the original hand-painted stenciling was restored. The raised part of the ceiling here in the middle was also uncovered, revealing our skylight for the first time in six decades. And just last week, the chandelier was rehung in its original 1904 position after long months of work that restored its original luster.

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