Rep. Dan Pabon


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Dan Pabon is in his fourth and final term in the Colorado House of Representatives. He is the chairman of the Finance Committee and serves on the Public Health Care & Human Services and Appropriations Committees.

His biggest achievement in the 2017 session was his bill to modernize the Colorado Open Records Act for the digital age, making the state and local governments of Colorado more transparent while preserving protections for the privacy of the data that Coloradans provide in everything from tax returns to marriage license applications.

Rep. Pabon has played a key role in creating a robust regulatory framework for the marijuana industry since the passage of Amendment 64, by which the people of Colorado legalized adult recreational use of marijuana. In 2017 he sponsored a new law helping law enforcement agencies crack down on black market marijuana. In 2016 he was recognized for the passage of his bipartisan bill to protect Colorado children from marijuana products shaped as candy.

Rep. Pabon grew up in North Denver and earned his mechanical engineering degree at the University of Colorado. After working at a startup software company, he decided he wanted to help people more than machines and enrolled at the University of Colorado School of Law.

Rep. Pabon then worked as an attorney for five years at a Denver law firm, focusing on real estate and green building development. He became a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and a strong advocate for green technologies and investing in Colorado’s new energy economy.

He left his 17th Street law firm to provide affordable legal services as a neighborhood attorney. His clients include small business owners, residents and nonprofit organizations.

Rep. Pabon lives in Denver with his wife, Heather. He has a daughter, Maria, and a son, Alec.