Colorado Freedom Defense Act

March 17, 2017

(March 16) – The Ralph Carr Freedom Defense Act by Reps. Joe Salazar and Daneya Esgar earned approval from the House Judiciary Committee this evening with a 7-4 vote. The bill protects Coloradans against federal overreach targeting various Colorado communities and ensures the state never has a repeat of its tragic history regarding Japanese internment

Promoting Employee Ownership

March 16, 2017

(March 16) – Rep. James Coleman’s bill to promote employee ownership of Colorado businesses won a party-line endorsement in the House Business Affairs & Labor Committee this afternoon. HB17-1214 directs the state Office of Economic Development and International Trade to promote employee ownership as part of its small business assistance center. Rep. Coleman, D-Denver, told

Reducing Abortion by 46 Percent

March 16, 2017

(March 16) – Rep. Brittany Pettersen’s bill to give women access to 12 months of contraception at one time earned initial approval from the House this morning. “This is a simple change that doesn’t increase cost and ensures that women—instead of coming back to the pharmacy every month—can take home their 12-month prescription,” said Rep.

Tackling Dark Money in Political Campaigns

March 15, 2017

(March 15) –Majority Leader KC Becker and Reps. Jeff Bridges, Mike Weissman and Chris Kennedy introduced four pieces of legislation this afternoon to strengthen Colorado’s campaign finance rules on election-related spending. “These bills will close loopholes and increase transparency in Colorado campaign finance law to level the playing field and ensure Colorado voters have a