Hamner Mine Cleanup Bill Passes House

April 14, 2016

(April 14) – A bipartisan bill sponsored by Rep. Millie Hamner, D-Dillon, to fund cleanups at legacy mining sites in Colorado earned final approval from the House on a 63-2 vote this morning. “This bill allows for funding in any emergency situation at a legacy mine site,” said Rep. Hamner, who shares prime sponsorship of

JBC Settles Final Details on Balanced State Budget

April 13, 2016

(April 13) – The Joint Budget Committee met this afternoon to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions of HB16-1405, the state budget known as the Long Bill. The committee acted on amendments in both chambers that changed the budget in minor ways and had to be settled in the conference committee. “This

Middle Class College Savings Act Heads to House Floor

April 13, 2016

(April 13) – A bill by Rep. Brittany Pettersen and Rep. Dave Young to alter college savings accounts to greater benefit middle-class families passed the House Finance Committee on a 6-5 vote this afternoon. Currently, 529 college savings accounts disproportionately benefit the wealthy; HB16-1003 reorients the benefits of the tax deductions to help middle-class families

Bipartisan Support for Arts, Science & Culture

April 13, 2016

(April 13) – The House gave a strong voice-vote approval to a bill by Speaker Dickey Lee Hullinghorst to ask voters in November to reauthorize and improve the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). “The SCFD is a nationally acclaimed voter-supported funding model for arts, culture and science,” said Speaker Hullinghorst, D-Boulder, who sponsored the