Kraft-Tharp Bills to Improve Health Care Pass Committee

January 29, 2013

(Jan. 29) – Two bills that will help streamline and improve access to health care passed the House Health , Insurance & Environment Committee today. Both are sponsored by Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp (D-Arvada). “Both of these bills’ intent is to improve the effectiveness of our health care system here in Colorado,” Rep. Kraft-Tharp said. HB13-1074

House OKs Lebsock Bill Helping Distressed Homeowners

January 29, 2013

(Jan. 29) – The House gave final approval today to a bill by Rep. Steve Lebsock (D-Thornton) to close a loophole in home mortgage loan modifications. In cases where mortgages are sold while they are in the process of being modified, current Colorado law allows the new servicers of the mortgages to disregard the proposed

Water Conservation Measure Moves Forward

January 29, 2013

(Jan. 28) –A bill to allow municipalities and counties to implement a graywater program passed the House Agriculture Committee unanimously today. HB13-1044, sponsored by Rep. Randy Fischer (D-Fort Collins), directs the Water Quality Control Center to establish requirements, prohibitions and standards for graywater use. Graywater is the lightly used water from bathtub, shower and laundry

Key House Dem Jobs Bill Passes First Hurdle

January 28, 2013

(Jan. 28) –A bill to blend education and skills programs to help the unemployed fill Colorado’s workforce needs passed the House Education Committee today on a vote of a 12-1. The bill is a key component of the House Democratic jobs package this legislative session. HB13-1005, sponsored by Reps. John Buckner (D-Aurora) and Rhonda Fields