Duran Rips Neville’s Allegation of a Plan to Ruin CO Roads

(Aug. 7) – In response to House Minority Leader Patrick Neville’s statement during a radio interview alleging that Democrats have a “plan” to ruin our roads, Speaker Crisanta Duran, D-Denver, issued the following statement:

“Minority Leader Neville’s comments are absurd. Democrats led efforts to bring a sustainable, statewide transportation fix before voters this year to fix our outdated and overburdened transportation system, and to ensure that rural Colorado isn’t left behind, without cutting other key priorities like education. And when Republicans killed that bill in the Senate, it was Democrats who then fought to prioritize transportation funding in SB 267.

These allegations of a plan to undermine our transportation system are absolutely ridiculous, and it’s a shame that Rep. Neville would rather make excuses for his own party’s inaction on this critical issue than work with us toward viable solutions to our state’s very real needs. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing this finger pointing from Republicans in Washington who have been unable to govern effectively. But I’d expect more from state leaders like Rep. Neville.”

Rep. Neville’s comments were reported in the Colorado Times Recorder.

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