2015 Colorado By The Numbers

House Democrats have worked hard this session to expand and uplift the middle class, provide opportunity for every hardworking Coloradan, and increase economic security for all Coloradans. Check out the numbers below to see our work in action:


The annual number of Colorado newborns who will receive free oxygen monitoring to detect congenital heart defects. Rep. Dianne Primavera’s HB15-1281 will help ensure all Colorado babies are given this life-saving screening after birth.


Years since Colorado last substantially increased funding for transportation infrastructure. This year’s budget by Reps. Dave Young & Millie Hamner increased funding by $100 million. 


The amount that can be paid back per intern to employers with high-level internships and apprenticeships in an innovative industry thanks to Reps. Pete Lee & Mike Foote’s HB15-1230.


Events that Colorado House Democrats held in their communities during the legislative session. Town hall meetings and coffee conversations helped our legislators hear and act on the concerns and ideas of their constituents.


Percentage of bills passed this session that had bipartisan support.


The number of dollars that would have been invested in Colorado’s State Education Fund if Reps. Brittany Pettersen and Mike Foote’s HB15-1346 had passed. The bill would have cracked down on offshore tax havens big corporations use to hide profits. Republicans instead sided with big business and their offshore accounts. 


The number of bills passed this session to help rebuild trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. These bills look to begin a healing process between communities and police officers, after several high profile events in Colorado and nationwide. 


The increase in funding for Colorado’s K-12 classrooms, schools, and students. 


The number of hours every Colorado student will not spend taking a test during their K-12 career thanks to the bipartisan Changes to Standards and Assessments bill by Reps. John Buckner and Jim Wilson’s HB15-1323.


The last year that the Colorado Office of Information Technology (OIT) was updated, the same year the first iPhone was released. Rep. Max Tyler’s HB15-1213 modernizes laws regarding OIT, making government more efficient, friendly, and modern.


The number of dollars that House Republicans attempted to remove from the State Transportation budget to fund a handful of pet projects. This money is supposed to be used for maintenance like snowplows and pothole repairs. Thankfully, through the work of the Democratic House State Affairs committee, this attempt failed.


The new cost for any veteran to visit a state park on or around Veterans Day, thanks to HB15-1045 by Rep. Su Ryden.


The number of Colorado residents who participated in the first six months of a program to grant driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. Studies show that those with drivers licenses are three times less likely to crash. Despite attempts to gut this program, Rep. Jovan Melton and other Democrats successfully fought to keep three offices offering the program open across Colorado.


The number of dollars’ worth of damage caused by the Waldo Canyon fire, which could have been reduced by HB15-1129, sponsored by Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp. The bill will create a state-of-the-art disaster prediction system to predict where wildfires are likely to start and where they will go.


Percentage of first-time DUI offenders who will re-offend within three years. Rep. Beth McCann’s HB15-1043 will add new penalties for repeat DUI offenders, including felonies for the 4th offense.


The number of bills introduced by House Republicans to roll back gun safety legislation. Not one of these bills passed, preserving public safety and preventing dangerous criminals from purchasing firearms.


The number of dollars the state budget sets aside for TABOR refunds. This money will be returned to taxpayers, but cannot be invested in critical areas like Colorado’s education and transportation systems.


Increase in dollars budgeted for the Senior Citizen and Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption.


One brave girl, Kiana Arellano, who helped inspire a law to crack down on cyberbullying. With Kiana’s Law, HB15-1072 by Rep. Rhonda Fields, Colorado becomes the 14th state with electronic harassment laws to protect kids from online bullying.

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