Rep. Wilson Bill Extending Wildlife Tax Checkoff Passes

January 24, 2012

(Denver) – Rep. Roger Wilson’s (D-Glenwood Springs) bill extending the nongame tax checkoff on the Colorado state income tax form passed its second reading today on the House floor.

HB-1050 extends this tax checkoff through 2015. The nongame wildlife voluntary contribution was the first tax checkoff to ever be included on the Colorado state income tax form.

The money given through the tax checkoff is put in a fund that supports programs that work to save endangered and threatened wildlife species. Since the checkoff’s inception, the fund has contributed over $4.8 million to such programs.

“This has been the most popular tax checkoff in the state of Colorado,” Rep. Wilson said. “The fund is used for managing 750 non-game species. It is a way for those who are not hunters to contribute to the management of species and wildlife in the state.”

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