Teen Suicide Prevention Measure Passes The House

January 25, 2012

(Denver) –Rep. Andy Kerr’s resolution to improve teen suicide prevention passed unanimously in the House today.

HJR 1004, co-sponsored by Rep. Andy Kerr (D-Lakewood) and Rep. Tom Massey (R-Poncha Springs) calls for more training in suicide prevention for educators and strives to lessen the stigma surrounding teen suicide and stop the tendency to be silent on the subject matter.

Reps. A. Kerr and Massey worked with the Colorado Youth Advisory Council, or COYAC, to bring this resolution. Many House members spoke in support of the resolution and shared their personal stories related to teen suicide.

“I want to thank everyone for their time and attention to this issue and to those members who came down and shared their stories,” Rep. A. Kerr said. “This is an important issue that affects everyone in some way, and this resolution will help to bring solutions to this terrible epidemic.”

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