‘A Balanced Approach’ on Transportation Funding

(April 9) – Speaker Crisanta Duran and the chairwoman of the House Transportation & Energy Committee today reiterated their reservations about SB18-001, a proposed state spending spree on roads.

“I welcome our dialogue on transportation solutions, one of several critical funding issues for Colorado,” Speaker Duran said. “We have a budget package that commits nearly half a billion additional dollars to transportation this year, after a similar commitment of $100 million general fund per year over the next 20 years made in 2017. That’s a great start to the multi-year effort we’ll need to get our state’s transportation systems up to speed.”

“But I want to remind everyone,” she continued, “that there’s no shortage of underfunded priorities in our state budget, and we should be seeking a balanced approach. I will support measures that fund transportation without threatening K-12 education.”

“I support a comprehensive approach that includes provisions to fund transportation options and local governments’ transportation needs,” said Rep. Faith Winter, D-Westminster, chairwoman of the House Transportation & Energy Committee. “Senate Bill 1 puts all our eggs in one basket, and it lacks sufficient safeguards to assure that we won’t be cutting K-12, higher education, and other critical needs when the next recession comes. We need a responsible long-term solution for our roads.”


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