‘A Sad Day in America’

Duran, Becker Dismayed by Supreme Court Ruling Undermining Collective Bargaining

(June 27) – House leaders expressed dismay today after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing public employees to opt out of union dues.

“This disappointing ruling is a setback for collective bargaining all across America,” Speaker Crisanta Duran said. “For more than a century, organized labor has fought for equal pay for women, affordable health care and retirement security that workers can count on. It’s a sad day in America when that ability is compromised, especially at a time when we should be working to build the middle class. We must continue our efforts to ensure that workers have a meaningful voice to advocate for economic security for hardworking families.”

At issue is the agency fee clause (aka the fair share clause) in collective bargaining agreements involving public employees. Employees cannot be required to join a union, but public employee unions are required by law to represent everyone in a workplace, even those who are not union members. Fair share provisions require all employees who are represented by a union to contribute to the cost of securing the benefits and protections the union provides. For public unions, that requirement was voided today by the Supreme Court.

“This misguided ruling will make it easier for employers to pursue a divide-and-conquer strategy and undermine unions’ ability to effectively represent workers,” Majority Leader KC Becker said. “We need to be making it easier, not harder, for workers to come together and fight for good wages and benefits, and to build a strong middle class in our country.”

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