Adult Education and Literacy Program Clears Committee

(Jan. 28) – A bill from Rep. Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora) to create a grant program for adult education and literacy training passed the House Education committee last night on a bipartisan 8-5 vote.

“The link between education and employment is clear,” Rep. Fields said. “This bill will boost adult education and literacy to help Colorado’s adults achieve sustainable employment at self-sufficient wages in today’s economy.”

Currently Colorado’s adult education and literacy programs, which do not receive state funding, are only able to serve about 14,000 people annually while over 300,000 adults across the state do not have a high school diploma or GED.

Under HB14-1085, all institutions applying to receive funding must participate in workforce development partnerships that will lead to employment opportunities for students who receive training. The department of education will administer the grant program and is required to evaluate the effectiveness of the program annually. The bill builds on a bill passed last year, HB13-1005, that enhances and accelerates adult literacy programs at community colleges.

HB14-1085 will now head to House Appropriations Committee.

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