Another Touchdown for Mile High Stadium

(May 3) – A bill by Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver, to ensure “Mile High” will remain a part of the Denver Broncos’ stadium passed the House on second reading this evening.

“Mile High Stadium has been in the hearts and minds of our city and our state for years and years of our history,” said Rep. Pabon. He added that as a result of the bankruptcy of Sports Authority, “our magical place will change name no doubt, yet again.”

But, he continued, the Legislature can protect one part of the tax-payer owned stadium, “and that is the ability to keep the name ‘Mile High’ connected forever with this stadium—forever mile high.”

Under current law, the board of the Metropolitan Football Stadium District may sell or lease the name of the stadium. This bill requires that any agreement to rename the stadium include the phrase “Mile High.”

The voice vote sends the bill to third reading.

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