Becker on Hick’s Oil & Gas Measures: Let’s Talk More

(Aug. 22) – Majority Leader KC Becker thanked Gov. John Hickenlooper today after he announced the results of a working group convened after a deadly gas explosion in Firestone in April, but said that more meaningful measures should be on the table.

Rep. Becker said the seven steps outlined today by the governor — strengthening flowline regulations, improving oilfield safety training, a peer review of COGCC rules, remote detection of natural gas leaks, enhancing the 8-1-1 “Know What’s Below” program, creating an industry-supported fund to plug orphan wells and offer rebates for in-home natural gas monitors, and phasing out domestic taps – are “good steps but certainly not the end of the conversation.”

“Public health and safety should be our No. 1 concern,” said Rep. Becker, D-Boulder. “I hope we can make progress in that regard in the 2018 legislative session.”

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