Becker’s First Bill Passes House

(Feb. 4) – Rep. KC Becker (D-Boulder) won House passage today of her bill to protect Coloradans from unscrupulous misuse of police arrest photos.

HB14-1047 requires websites that display police booking photos to remove them without charging a fee if the person pictured is not convicted. Some websites are charging as much as $1,000 to remove such mug shots.

“This bill is a logical extension of current Colorado law, which prohibits the use of criminal justice records for profit,” Rep. Becker said. “The bill will benefit innumerable innocent Coloradans who are victimized by mug shot websites.”

It was the first piece of legislation sponsored by Rep. Becker, and the first to win House passage. She is the newest member of the House, having been sworn in in November to replace Rep. Claire Levy, who resigned her seat.

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