Bill to Enhance Pediatric Dental Plans in Colorado Clears Committee

(Jan. 14) – A bill by Rep. Beth McCann (D-Denver) to standardize the provision of pediatric dental care for health plans inside and outside the Colorado health exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, passed the Health, Insurance & Environment Committee this morning on a 6-4 party-line vote.

During the hearing Marc Reese of the Colorado Association of Health Plans stated that the bill would reduce the regulatory burden on insurance companies.

“I am excited that this bill passed the committee.” Rep. McCann said. “I am looking forward to working with my colleagues to pass this legislation that will level the playing field for consumers inside and outside of Colorado’s health exchange.”

Currently the federal rule requires that health plans outside of the exchange must include pediatric dental benefits, but within the exchange the purchase of pediatric dental benefits must only be offered. Rep. McCann’s bill will give the Division of Insurance the authority to pass a rule that will enable more Coloradans to have access to pediatric oral health care.

“I am disappointed that this bill did not receive any bipartisan support,” said Rep. McCann, Chairwoman of the Health Committee. “Despite the fact that we heard this would not increase consumer premiums and would actually reduce administrative regulatory burdens on the insurance industry, none of my Republican colleagues voted for this common-sense solution.”

HB14-1053 will now move to the floor for a full vote of the House.

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