Bill to Expand Colorado’s Solar Industry Passes Committee 

(March 27) – A bill that addresses an outdated certification process for installing solar panels and encourages job creation in the solar industry passed the House Transportation & Energy Committee by a vote of 11 to two.

SB13-186, sponsored in the House by Rep. Brittany Pettersen (D-Lakewood), updates current law that limits the availability of new technologies because the current requirements make it too expensive for Coloradans. Current law requires solar roofs be installed by certified electricians, which makes sense for solar panels. But new technology like thin-film solar shingles is installed by specially-trained roofers using the same tools as asphalt shingles and requires no electrical work. Requiring electricians to install the solar shingles is cost-prohibitive.

“This bill will help create jobs by growing the solar industry and making it more affordable for consumers,” Rep. Pettersen said. “It is our job to continuously update our laws and cut red tape to ensure that Colorado continues to be a place where small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive and guarantee that Colorado continues to lead in renewable technology and green jobs.”

This technology will create more solar roofs and generate a working relationship between residential developers and the solar industry thus creating capital investment in Colorado. The bill passed the Senate unanimously.

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