Bill to Name Tiger Salamander the State Amphibian Passes Ag Committee

February 6, 2012

(Denver) –Rep. Angela Williams’ bill naming the Tiger Salamander the Colorado State amphibian passed the Agriculture Committee today by a vote of 12 to 1.

HB1147 was initiated by students across the state who are tiger salamander enthusiasts. Many children testified in defense of the bill, citing multiple reasons why the tiger salamander should be the state amphibian—including that it is found in all 64 counties of Colorado and has fossils dating to prehistoric times.

“They are truly an amazing amphibian,” said Ben Vagle, a sixth-grader at Stanley British Primary School in Denver.

Rep. Williams said she was happy to support the students and their efforts on behalf of the tiger salamander.

“This is such a great way to teach students by showing them how a bill becomes a law,” Rep. Williams said. “Seeing their enthusiasm in the legislative process has been truly rewarding, and I hope the bill will continue on and the tiger salamander will soon be Colorado’s state amphibian.”

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