Bipartisan Approval for Job Creation Districts

(April 17) – The House gave broadly bipartisan final approval today to a bill to implement “job creation districts,” another example of House Democrats’ all-of-the-above approach to accelerating the state’s economy and connecting Coloradans to good jobs.

The vote was 46-17.

HB13-1212, sponsored by Rep. Dominick Moreno (D-Commerce City), authorizes local governments to designate job creation districts to raise money for projects or programs to attract employers and create new jobs.

A local job creation authority may collect increased tax revenues to finance public improvements or to offer incentives to businesses that meet the bill’s job creation criteria, including a specification that the jobs must pay at least the countywide average wage.

“This bill puts important economic development decisions in the hands of community residents and local businesses,” Rep. Moreno said.

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