Bipartisan Bill to Help Prevent Wildfires Clears House

(Feb. 8 ) – The House today passed a bill sponsored by Rep. Millie Hamner, D- Dillon, to crack down on unattended campfires.

“This legislation is an essential tool in the fight against devastating wildfires that cause significant property, economic and environmental damage to our beautiful forests,” said Rep. Hamner, who sponsored the bill with Rep. Terri Carver, R-Colorado Springs. “Wildfires also endanger our communities and we should be doing everything we can to prevent them.”

HB18-1051 would increase the potential penalties for leaving a campfire unattended if the campfire is in a forested or grassland area. This bill would help prevent wildfires, protect property and lives.  

The bill was approved by a vote of 60-1 and now goes to the Senate.

The human-caused Waldo Canyon wildfire in 2012 burned 346 homes and killed two people.


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