Bipartisan House Passes Danielson’s Pay Equity Bill

(March 10) –State Rep. Jessie Danielson’s bill to continue Colorado’s Pay Equity Commission passed the House this morning with Republican support. The 36-28 tally included two Republican votes.

Senate Republicans voted in January to eliminate the commission, the only forum in Colorado where businesses, employees and community leaders have been coming together to work toward helping women and minorities achieve equal pay for equal work.

A 50-state federal report released in January found that the pay of Colorado women compared to men in the same jobs has fallen to 78 cents for every dollar made by men, down two cents from the previous report and lagging below the 82 cent national average.

Rep. Danielson’s bill, HB15-1133, would restore and strengthen the Pay Equity Commission.

“Our goal is to increase women’s economic security, and that of their families, and grow Colorado’s middle class,” said Rep. Danielson, D-Wheat Ridge. “When women are paid what they earn, it lifts up Colorado’s economy.”

The bill now heads to the Senate.

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