Bipartisan Support for Transgender Rights

(April 2) – The House voted 40-25 this morning today for Assistant Majority Leader Dominick Moreno’s bill to allow transgender Coloradans to obtain a new birth certificate reflecting their true gender identity.

Under HB 15-1265, people born in Colorado, or the parents or guardians of minors, may request and receive a new birth certificate changing the gender designation. The request must include a licensed health care provider’s statement that the person has undergone surgical, hormonal, or other gender transition treatment, or stating that the person has an intersex condition.

Under current law, transgender Coloradans may only receive an amended birth certificate, inviting questions and potential discrimination in the workplace or wherever a birth certificate may need to be produced.

“We should respect the privacy and the rights of transgender Coloradans, and I’m pleased to see strong bipartisan support for this bill,” said Rep. Moreno, D-Commerce City.

The bill heads to the Senate.

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