Bipartisan Support to Strike 100-Year-Old Law

(Feb. 23) – With a 51-14 vote this morning, the House gave strong bipartisan support to the Wage Theft Transparency Act, a bill by Rep. Jessie Danielson, D-Wheat Ridge, to shine a light on companies that have violated wage laws.

“Most employers treat their employees well and recognize that hard work should be compensated fairly,” said Rep. Danielson. “But because of a hundred-year-old law, the few bad actors who commit wage theft are protected from public scrutiny. I worked with the business community to make sure we change that in a way that works and brings us more transparency.”

Wage theft refers to a situation where an employer requires an employee to work off the clock, does not pay overtime or commits other labor law violations. Currently, the law treats wage theft as a “trade secret” and the public can never know about it. As a result, bad actors are shielded and less likely to stop cheating their employees. Not only that, but they are competing against the companies and employers who treat their workers fairly.

HB17-1021 ends that classification and allows information about wage theft to be publicly available.

The bill now proceeds to the Senate.

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