Buckner’s Parental Involvement Bill Sent to Senate

(Feb. 10) – Rep. Janet Buckner’s bill allowing parents to play a greater role in their children’s education won final House passage this morning.

HB17-1001 reenacts the 2009 “Parental Involvement in K-12 Education Act” that sunset in 2015. Since then, legislation reviving parental leave has been given the honor of being among the first bills introduced in the legislative session. The bill allows parents to take up to 18 hours per year of unpaid leave from their jobs to attend their children’s parent-teacher conferences and other important meetings related to special education services, dropout prevention, attendance, truancy and disciplinary issues.

“Parental involvement is a crucial factor in creating better outcomes for our students,” said Rep. Buckner, D-Aurora. “And we have worked with the business community to minimize potential impacts of parents taking leave, encouraging them to work with their employers collaboratively.”

On today’s recorded vote Rep. Phil Covarrubias, R-Brighton, joined every Democrat in voting in favor of the legislation. The final tally was 37-27.

The bill goes to the Senate, where last year’s version was killed in a Republican-controlled committee.

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