Campaign Finance Reform Bills Head to Senate

(April 13) – Two bills by Majority Leader KC Becker and Rep. Jeff Bridges to increase transparency and accountability in Colorado’s elections earned final from the House this morning.

HB17-1261 ensures that voters know who is paying for mass election communications by requiring “paid for by” disclaimers on all electioneering materials.

“In the name of good government and transparency in our elections, this is a simple bill that allows Colorado voters to know who is paying for the mailers that show up in their mailbox,” said Majority Leader Becker, D-Boulder.

HB17-1262 closes a crucial gap in reporting requirements between the date of the primary and 60 days before the general election. The bill applies the same disclosure requirements throughout the campaign—from before the primary and continuing up to the general election.

“Throughout the entire election, Colorado voters deserve to know who is spending money to influence their vote,” said Rep. Bridges, D-Greenwood Village. “Together, these bills bring dark money into the light. In Colorado we call that being a straight shooter and Colorado voters deserve nothing less.”

Both bills passed on party-line 37-28 votes and now proceed to the Senate.

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