Opportunity for Homeless Youth

March 15, 2016

(March 15) – The House quickly gave approval this morning to a bill by Rep. Brittany Pettersen and Rep. Daneya Esgar to allow in-state tuition rates for unaccompanied homeless youth. HB16-1100 adds “unaccompanied homeless youth” to the definition of “qualified person” to be defined as resident for tuition purposes at state-supported institutions of higher education.

Middle Class College Savings Act Passes First Test

March 7, 2016

(March 7) – A bill by Rep. Brittany Pettersen and Rep. Dave Young to alter college savings accounts to greater benefit middle-class families passed the House Education Committee this afternoon. Currently, 529 college savings accounts disproportionately benefit the wealthy; HB16-1003 reorients the benefits of the tax deductions to help middle class families save for college.

Aspire to College

February 22, 2016

(Feb. 22) – Rep. Brittany Pettersen’s bill to create college savings accounts for low-income preschool-age children passed the House Education Committee this afternoon. HB16-1196 creates a three year Aspire to College Colorado pilot program within the Colorado Department of Human Services, which will make an initial deposit of $50 into college savings accounts for up

Upgrades to Western Pass House

February 18, 2016

(Feb. 18) – The House passed Rep. Millie Hamner’s bill to change the admission standard of Western State Colorado University to “selective” and add professional degree programs to the university’s options on a unanimous vote this morning. “This bipartisan bill shows support for Western and the people of Gunnison County,” said Rep. Hamner, D-Dillon. “Changing