Bipartisan OK for Relief From Health Insurance Costs

May 1, 2018

(April 30) – Rep. Chris Kennedy’s bill to reduce health insurance costs for hundreds of thousands of Coloradans in the individual insurance market won final House passage today with bipartisan support. Health insurance costs have been increasing significantly for the last few years. These increases are driven in part by the underlying cost of care,

House Passes Roberts Package on Health Care Costs

April 25, 2018

(April 25) – Rep. Dylan Roberts won House support today for two bills to make health insurance more affordable across Colorado. HB18-1205 is Rep. Roberts’ bill to reduce the disparity in health care costs between rural Coloradans and those on the Front Range. Rural Coloradans pay significantly higher health insurance premiums and the burden is

Shining a Light on Runaway Prescription Costs

April 12, 2018

(April 12) – Reps. Joann Ginal and Dominique Jackson won voice-vote House approval today for their bill to add some transparency around skyrocketing prices for pharmaceutical drugs. Under HB18-1260, pharmaceuticals companies would be required to provide 90 days’ notice to the public when they increase the price of a drug by 10 percent over two