New Gun Safety Laws Pass Important Tests

July 10, 2013

(July 10) – A legal challenge to one of the new gun safety laws now in effect in Colorado was blunted today when the plaintiffs effectively dropped their assertion that the law was vague and unenforceable. A federal judge today declined to issue an injunction to halt Colorado’s new ban on the transfer of high-capacity

‘Breakfast After the Bell’ on the Books

July 1, 2013

(July 1) – A bill to help make sure more Colorado schoolkids get a decent breakfast went into effect today, in time for the start of the new school year next month. HB13-1006, sponsored by Reps. Dominick Moreno (D-Commerce City) and Tony Exum Sr. (D-Colorado Springs), will phase in a requirement that schools where at

Two Hamner Bills Become Law, Increasing Government Efficiency

July 1, 2013

(July 1) – Two bills sponsored by Rep. Millie Hamner (D-Dillon) became law today. HB13-1117 brings the various early childhood development programs run by several state departments together under one department: the Colorado Department of Human Services. The current system is administered by a number of departments that often have different funding streams. “By aligning

Employment Opportunity Act Goes Into Effect

July 1, 2013

(July 1) – The Employment Opportunity Act to protect Coloradans from credit discrimination in employment went into effect today. SB13-018, sponsored in the House by Rep. Randy Fischer (D-Fort Collins), will remove an arbitrary barrier to employment by restricting the use of consumer credit information by employers. Employers may not request a prospective or current