Transportation Legislation Review Committee Advances Bipartisan Legislation

October 29, 2019

DENVER, CO— The Transportation Legislation Review Committee (TLRC) today advanced five bills to update Colorado’s transportation codes. If approved by the legislature next session, the bills would create a new license plate color scheme and issuing process starting in 2021, establish a grant program to provide driver education courses to foster children, among several others.

Water Resources Review Committee Advances Legislation to Improve Water Management

October 24, 2019

Committee approves bills to spur innovation in water management, broaden stakeholder engagement and crack down on water speculation DENVER, CO– The Water Resources Review Committee today advanced four bills to improve water management. If approved by the legislature next session, the bills would encourage innovation in water management, include additional stakeholder feedback in the Upper Basin

Zero Waste Committee Advances Bills to Improve State’s Recycling Rate

October 23, 2019

Bills will incentivize development of new end-market users of recycled materials, create a public awareness campaign to increase recycling and establish a statewide organics management plan DENVER, CO — The Zero Waste and Recycling Interim Study Committee today advanced two bipartisan proposals to improve the state’s recycling rate. One bill incentivizes the development of new end-market businesses for recycled materials and creates a