Panel Passes Esgar Bill Helping Long-Term Unemployed

March 19, 2015

(March 19) – The House Business Affairs & Labor Committee gave bipartisan approval this evening to a bill by Rep. Daneya Esgar, D-Pueblo, to continue a program that allows the long-term unemployed to obtain enhanced unemployment insurance benefits while they participate in an approved skills training program. HB15-1231, sponsored by Reps. Esgar and Tracy Kraft-Tharp,

Bipartisan Debut for ‘CO Ready to Work’ Package

March 5, 2015

(March 5) – In a rare outpouring of bipartisanship, legislators from both sides of the aisle in both chambers turned out today to roll out a 10-bill package to attack unemployment in Colorado and expand access to better-paying jobs. “The best way to help Colorado families stay in the middle class is to create pathways

ReHire CO Jobs Program Gets New Lease on Life

August 6, 2014

(Aug. 6) – A new law to keep the ReHire Colorado jobs program working for low-income Coloradans went into effect today. HB14-1015, which was sponsored by Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp (D-Arvada), extends the ReHire Colorado program for two years. ReHire Colorado was created in 2013 to provide on-the-job skills, training and experience to low-income, low-skill Colorado