Increasing Tax Break Transparency

May 9, 2016

(May 9) – A bipartisan Joint Budget Committee bill sponsored by Rep. Millie Hamner, D-Dillon, to create better transparency around state tax expenditures passed the House on second reading this evening. Tax expenditures reduce tax revenue and include of tax deductions, exemptions, credits, or special tax rates. “This bill creates a fair and balanced system

Stealing Wages No Longer a Secret

April 26, 2016

(April 26) – A bill by Rep. Jessie Danielson, D-Wheat Ridge, to put an end to the secrecy around companies found guilty of wage theft earned final approval from the House this morning on a bipartisan 47-17 vote. Wage theft refers to the illegal practice of paying employees less than they deserve by requiring employees

Touchdown by Duran! Score: 44-21

April 25, 2016

(April 25) – A bill by Majority Leader Crisanta Duran to place protections around fantasy sports in order to ensure Coloradans can continue to play and have a fair chance to win passed 44-21 12out of the House this morning. “This bill is about ensuring that people who are playing fantasy sports can continue to