CO Ahead of the Curve on New EPA Rules

(June 2) – Legislative leaders on renewable energy hailed today’s Environmental Protection Agency announcement of new rules to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants and said Colorado’s decade-long commitment to renewable energy has put the state in a strong position to comply with the new standards.
“By taking a comprehensive approach to reducing carbon pollution though homegrown, commonsense solutions, Colorado has provided a model for strengthening the economy while protecting the health of communities and families,” said Rep. Max Tyler (D-Lakewood), chairman of the House Transportation & Energy Committee and sponsor of the 2010 legislation that set the state’s current renewable energy standard at 30 percent. “Because we’ve passed laws and developed regulations that laid a solid foundation for renewable energy, we’re well on the road to meeting the new EPA requirements.”
The EPA plan is to establish environmental performance benchmarks for states to meet in reducing carbon pollution from existing power plants — the largest source of carbon pollution in the country. The new standards are scheduled to go into effect in 2016.
“Colorado has worked for years now to build a diverse energy portfolio to create jobs, to make our air as clean as possible and to help keep Coloradans healthy,” said Sen. Matt Jones (D-Louisville), vice-chair of the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources & Energy Committee. “Our state has served as an example to the rest of the nation as to how to maximize renewable energy, its environmental benefits, and positive economic impact. I look forward to helping Colorado meet the EPA’s new requirements.”

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