Coleman’s Bills to Help Grow Teachers & Cut Cost of Child Care Signed Into Law

(May 30) – Rep. James Coleman’s top priorities this session were to help Colorado educators and parents. Gov. John Hickenlooper has signed Coleman’s bills to increase the availability of quality child care providers in Colorado and produce more teachers.

Today, Gov. Hickenlooper signed HB18-1004, to extend a tax credit for donations to child care facilities.

 “Coloradans deserve access to high quality and affordable child care. This tax credit will help hardworking Colorado families get ahead and succeed,” said Rep. Coleman, D-Denver.

On Tuesday, Gov. Hickenlooper also signed Rep. Coleman’s bill, HB18-1309, to implement a “grow your own” teacher program. Under the bill, education majors at Colorado colleges and universities are paired with school districts or charter schools. With assistance from state grants provided by the bill, the district or school would pay tuition for the student’s last 36 credits. In exchange, the student would commit to work in the same school for three years.

“This bill will help us address one our top priorities this session – fixing the teacher shortage – and support our students on the pathway to becoming future teachers,” said Rep. Coleman.

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