Colorado Family First Act

(April 25) – On a bipartisan 36-29 vote, the House gave final approval this morning to a bill by Reps. Faith Winter and Brittany Pettersen to recognize and certify Colorado companies that follow several family-friendly policies.

HB16-1167 creates a program to certify and recognize employers that:

  1. Pay equal pay for equal work
  2. Give all employees equal opportunity for promotion to leadership positions
  3. Provide child care facilities or services to employees
  4. Provide paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child, for the medical care of the employee, and, if possible, for medical care of a family member
  5. Provide flexible work arrangements to accommodate important family obligations for all employees
  6. Help with healthcare costs
  7. Help with retirement savings accounts

Employers that meet all seven of these criteria will earn the Platinum Governor’s Colorado Family First Award; meeting four of these criteria will earn the Gold Governor’s Colorado Family First Award. Certification under the program would help companies attract and retain the best workers – an increasingly difficult achievement in today’s tight labor market.

“By rewarding companies that are currently supporting Coloradans in the workplace, we are highlighting policies that work and are beneficial to everyone,” said Rep. Winter, D-Westminster.

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