Danielson Expands Childcare Options

(March 14) – A bipartisan bill by Rep. Jessie Danielson, D-Wheat Ridge, to expand daycare options in Colorado earned final approval from the House with an overwhelming 60-3 vote this morning.

“I bring this measure for all of the hard-working parents across the state who are struggling to find quality, affordable child care,” said Rep. Danielson. “This bill will increase the availability of childcare by letting friends and family members double the number of unrelated children they can care for. This also allows them to receive crucial safety training and to network openly in their own communities.”

As Rep. Danielson pointed out, many parents look to friends, family members, nanny-shares and neighbors for help with child care. Under current law, it’s only legal for childcare providers like this to look after two unrelated kids. SB17-110 allows these providers to care for up to four unrelated children and to register with the Department of Human Services. This will help them connect with community resources to provide better child care in their homes, receive crucial safety and school readiness training.

Rep. Jim Wilson, R-Salida, also a prime sponsor, pointed out that twelve other states have passed similar legislation.

The bill now heads to the Governor’s desk.

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