Dem Leaders Hail Hick’s Climate Change Order

(July 11) – Speaker Crisanta Duran and Majority Leader KC Becker applauded the executive order announced today by Gov. John Hickenlooper setting statewide goals for carbon emissions reductions and adding Colorado to the U.S. Climate Alliance.

“I’m encouraged to see the governor take this strong stand to keep Colorado among the leaders on climate action,” said Speaker Duran, D-Denver. “Renewable energy enjoys widespread popular support in Colorado because not only is it good for our environment, it’s a key contributor to Colorado’s strong economy and best-in-the-nation unemployment rate.”

Majority Leader Becker, D-Boulder, said joining the U.S. Climate Alliance is an important step.

“After the failure of leadership we witnessed in Washington on this issue, I’m pleased to see the states take the lead on upholding the goals of the Paris climate accord, which is so important for the global fight against climate change,” she said. “We’ve been trying for two years to set measurable goals for Colorado’s climate action plan, but each time we’ve run into a brick wall in the Republican-controlled Senate. If the governor needs legislative support for this initiative, I’m eager to lend a hand.”

The U.S. Climate Alliance is a group of states pledging to honor the Paris climate accords despite President Trump’s announcement that the United States is pulling out of the landmark international agreement. With the addition of Colorado, the U.S. Climate Alliance includes 13 states and a third of the population of the United States.

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