Dems Derail Effort to Undermine Workers’ Rights

(Jan. 29) – A two-pronged Republican attempt to destroy collective bargaining and undermine Colorado’s working and middle-class families was turned aside today in a House committee.

The first bill brought by Rep. Justin Everett (R-Littleton), HB14-1087, would have prohibited collective bargaining by public employees in Colorado. His other bill, HB14-1098, would have made union shops illegal, gutting the ability of workers to organize in workplaces all across the state.

“These bills would have undercut workplace safety, undermined the enforcement of fair labor standards and jeopardized the economic security of hundreds of thousands of Colorado families,” said Rep. Su Ryden (D-Aurora), the chairwoman of the State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee, after the panel voted 7-4 to kill the bills.

“Perhaps the most egregious part of these bills is that they tried to strip Coloradans of established rights,” said Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Thornton), the panel’s vice chairman. “The Republicans talk about personal freedoms, yet they routinely vote to restrict those freedoms on issues like reproductive rights and workplace rights.”

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