‘Do the Right Thing, Let the People Decide’

(April 25) – Speaker Crisanta Duran urged the Senate Finance Committee today to pass HB17-1242, the bipartisan proposal for a comprehensive, statewide plan to repair our roads and address the pressing transportation needs of our growing state.

Here is Speaker Duran’s statement:

“In the opening days of this legislative session, Governor Hickenlooper, Senate President Grantham, Senate Minority Leader Guzman and I called for a bold, bipartisan transportation plan that addressed the state’s critical and growing need for long-term investments to repair our aging infrastructure and expand it to account for current and future growth.

“In March, we introduced bipartisan legislation to address the transportation needs of every corner of Colorado. The proposal would refurbish our dilapidated state highway system and give city and county governments the dollars and flexibility they desperately need to address their own priorities. The program would deliver billions in investment over 20 years, positioning Colorado for sustainable growth well into the future and creating thousands of good paying jobs, including in our most economically stressed regions.

“Today, the Senate Finance Committee has the opportunity to show true leadership and advance the plan one step closer to a final decision by the voters this November. Seizing this opportunity would honor our bipartisan partnership with the dozens of organizations, advocates, business leaders and local governments, and the many thousands of Coloradans across the state who have endorsed the plan.

“The plan fits well into the state’s constitutional framework – asking the voters to decide whether to accept a new revenue stream. It’s a choice the voters deserve to make. It’s a choice the legislature should provide.

“If we spend too much time stuck in traffic on our way to and from work—if weekend getaways around our scenic state are frustrated by gridlock—if a lack of transportation options forces our seniors out of their homes and into assisted living—our quality of life will suffer and our economy will lag.

“Unless the Senate majority steps up today, the people of Colorado face a future of potholes and traffic jams. Colorado’s businesses will face increasing difficulty getting their goods to market. The House has delivered a strong, viable solution with bipartisan support. The Senate majority should do the right thing and let the people decide.”


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