Duran Statement on DACA: ‘More Important Than Ever’

(Aug. 15) – On the fifth anniversary of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Speaker Crisanta Duran issued the following statement:

“It’s more important than ever to protect this program, which has made such a difference for many people’s lives.

“Several states are suing to end the program, and if Attorney General Jeff sessions declines to defend it, DACA could be dead and the future of 17,000 people in Colorado could be at risk.

“This issue affects us all. DACA recipients contribute more than $850 million to Colorado’s economy. Most of all, though, this is an issue of basic humanity. Dreamers were brought here as children, grew up and went to school and built their lives here, and are Americans in every sense but their documentation.

“Here in Colorado we passed the ASSET bill to help make it possible for Dreamers to go to college and to help them reach their full potential. Those are the kinds of things we should be doing: working to expand access to the American Dream, not punishing and deporting people who came here as children and have only known a home in the USA.

“I call on President Trump to hold to his earlier assurance that Dreamers could “rest easy” by defending this program, and on our Congressional delegation to protect DACA and to work together to create a viable path for them to gain citizenship.”

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