Duran Statement on Workplace Harassment Policies

(Jan. 4) – Speaker Crisanta Duran issued this statement today regarding the legislature’s workplace harassment policies:

“My role in handling workplace harassment complaints limits me from acknowledging or commenting on specific cases – but I can comment on the overall process to date.

“To address even the perception that politics play a role in this process, I have directed any formal complaints to an independent outside party for review and investigation. I will continue to follow their guidance on what does – and does not – fall under our policies.

“On Nov. 20 I recused myself and delegated the investigations of Rep. Lebsock to Majority Leader Becker. I felt that was the appropriate course of action given my role in helping to handle the situation with Rep. Lebsock in May 2016.

“Since allegations in this and other cases came to light late last year, I have said repeatedly that our existing workplace harassment policies are inadequate and, with the other leaders of the legislature, we have taken steps to begin to improve them.”


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