Duran: ‘This Glitch Is Hurting Real People’

(Sept. 22) — In a statement today, Speaker Crisanta Duran emphasized the human impact of the special districts revenue error that triggered Gov. John Hickenlooper’s call for a special session of the legislature, and called on legislators to come together to fix the unintended omission.

Here is Speaker Duran’s statement:

“All the grumbling and finger-pointing should not hide the fact that this glitch is hurting real people across Colorado, from Arapahoe County to Montezuma and Gunnison. When we go into special session we need to remember the retiree who relies on the local bus to get to the doctor or the grocery store, or the schoolkids whose class trip to the museum may have to be cancelled.

“No one in the legislature intended these negative impacts when they voted on Senate Bill 267. We need to put aside political games and do the right thing for the people who elected us.”

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