Duran’s Consumer Credit Protection Bill Gets 1st OK

(Feb. 7) – Speaker Crisanta Duran’s bill to freeze credit reporting involving children – a favorite target of identity thieves — received bipartisan approval from the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee this afternoon.

“If a child’s identity is stolen, it can be years before the theft is discovered, because it can be years before a minor child applies for a credit card or a student loan,” Speaker Duran told the committee. “This bill will help ensure that parents have the tools to protect their children against identity theft.”

Freezing an individual’s credit report is an effective way to protect against identity theft and fraud. HB18-1233, sponsored by Speaker Duran with Rep. Polly Lawrence, R-Roxborough Park, and also Rep. Kim Ransom, R-Littleton, allows parents to freeze credit reports for Coloradans under 16 years of age. The bill also allows legal guardians to freeze the credit of individuals they are responsible for, such as individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Credit reporting agencies cannot charge a fee for placing or lifting these freezes.

The State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee voted 7-2 to send the bill to the House floor.

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