Education Vision Plan Given New Life

(June 23) – Gov.John Hickenlooper announced today an executive order to expand the scope of the Governor’s Education Leadership Council to take on the work envisioned in the Education Vision Plan, HB17-1287, by Reps. Millie Hamner, D-Dillon, and Bob Rankin, R-Carbondale. Rep. Hamner applauded the governor’s decision and said she is looking forward to moving the plan forward.

“We originally brought up the idea of a statewide planning process because we need to make sure we’re doing everything for the children of Colorado to be prepared, to be successful, and to get a good job,” said Rep. Hamner. “Bringing together parents, teachers, students and experts from across the state will help us create a plan that reflects what we really want for our children.”

“Colorado can and should do better,” Rep. Hamner continued. “We are well-positioned to succeed— we have great educators and great schools. We just need to make sure we engage every citizen and stakeholder in this state.”

Though the bill—and the years of planning behind it—had bipartisan sponsorship in both chambers and passed the House 53-11, it was killed by Senate Republicans in the Senate State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee.

The Council will report recommendations to the Governor, General Assembly, State Board of Education and Commission on Higher Education. Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne will serve as chair of the council and Reps. Hamner, Rankin and Janet Buckner, D-Aurora, and Sens. Nancy Todd and Kevin Priola will participate along with representatives of the State Board of Education, Colorado Department of Education, Department of Higher Education, the Statewide Parent Coalition, state universities, business leaders, principals, superintendents and teachers. The council will also create advisory groups to gather input from stakeholders from across the state including students, parents, teachers, special needs populations and community groups.

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